Our People

A Caring community

While we are blessed with great facilities and exciting programs, it is the people of BHCS who make the school an inviting place to be. Relationship is at the core of every student’s learning journey - relationship with teachers, staff, their peers and the extended BHCS community.

Kirsty Meese

Kindergarten Director

I love that at BHCS there is a culture of celebrating and embracing uniqueness.  Our students learn in beautiful settings and there is so much love; love of learning, love of teaching and love and respect for one another.

In my role, I am passionate about Bush Kinder, learning through play and interacting with nature.  I really appreciate the students and staff members who share this journey of education and learning with me.

Timothy Sugumar

Junior School Teacher

Belgrave is a community invested in both education and developing the whole person. Children and students thrive not only academically but socially and emotionally. They do so because they know they are loved. I am blessed in my role in Junior School to see the development of the future generation, and relish in the joy and excitement of their learning. I love this school!


Past Student

I love that our school is located in the middle of a bush, that we are surrounded by nature and native animals. It makes learning so much more relaxing than being in a concrete jungle. I also love that there are so many opportunities to mix in with the younger years levels because it is refreshing to have a new perspective and they are adorable.

I think students at our school thrive because all of our teachers have a faith in God, and therefore are so passionate about teaching us and they care about teaching. They do all they can to give us a great opportunity to do our best and see results from hard work. 

Vicky Fraanje

Deputy Principal

I think students thrive at BHCS because our staff genuinely enjoy teaching and working with young people.  I think students pick up pretty quickly if you're 'on their side or not' and that genuine desire to help them be the best they can be, enables them to succeed and potentially even enjoy being at school! One of the many things that I love about our school is our beautiful environment, many mornings when I drive down Wattle Valley road I am struck by the awesome natural beauty of the valley that our school is nestled in.

Colleen Peele

Environmental Science and Science Teacher

I am incredibly passionate about my subjects and love doing practical activities or being outdoors with the students. Our focus on sustainability and educating students to be good stewards of the world's resources is unique. As a teacher at BHCS I am supported and encouraged to create meaningful 'hands on' experiences for my students and help them to thrive. From gardening and bush craft to dissections and swimming with seals..... it's a great job.My passion for my job comes from the students. I truly love the kids and enjoy the moments when the class becomes 'electric' with a new understanding. It's such a joy for me when I see wonder, amazement and comprehension on students' faces. These are the greatest moments!

Scott and Lynne Brown


There is so much to love about BHCS.  The school has a great sense of community and we feel very much a part of it.  The staff, especially teachers, live out their faith by being very caring and supportive of the students as they teach.  Our kids are given so many opportunities to do and try so many different things. It is a unique and blessed place where God is working in all areas of the school in so many ways.

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