Our People

A Caring community

While we are blessed with great facilities and exciting programs, it is the people of BHCS who make the school an inviting place to be. Relationship is at the core of every student’s learning journey - relationship with teachers, staff, their peers and the extended BHCS community.

Vicky Fraanje

Deputy Principal

I think students thrive at BHCS because our staff genuinely enjoy teaching and working with young people.  I think students pick up pretty quickly if you're 'on their side or not' and that genuine desire to help them be the best they can be, enables them to succeed and potentially even enjoy being at school! One of the many things that I love about our school is our beautiful environment, many mornings when I drive down Wattle Valley road I am struck by the awesome natural beauty of the valley that our school is nestled in.

Colleen Peele

Environmental Science and Science Teacher

I am incredibly passionate about my subjects and love doing practical activities or being outdoors with the students. Our focus on sustainability and educating students to be good stewards of the world's resources is unique. As a teacher at BHCS I am supported and encouraged to create meaningful 'hands on' experiences for my students and help them to thrive. From gardening and bush craft to dissections and swimming with seals..... it's a great job.My passion for my job comes from the students. I truly love the kids and enjoy the moments when the class becomes 'electric' with a new understanding. It's such a joy for me when I see wonder, amazement and comprehension on students' faces. These are the greatest moments!

Scott and Lynne Brown


There is so much to love about BHCS.  The school has a great sense of community and we feel very much a part of it.  The staff, especially teachers, live out their faith by being very caring and supportive of the students as they teach.  Our kids are given so many opportunities to do and try so many different things. It is a unique and blessed place where God is working in all areas of the school in so many ways.

Ugo Torcasio

Junior School Teacher

I have had the pleasure of teaching as well as supporting staff to implement our computing, coding and robotics programs. I love the unique people here and it’s a place full of gratitude, where we can be ourselves. It is a fellowship where celebration and joy are at its core and the different talents are brought together to create a beautiful community. 

I love being innovative with the students whether it’s through technology, media or simply planting out garden beds and feeding the chickens during Environmental Studies.

Rowan Jeffery

Year 10 Team Leader

For me, I love the leadership here. They allow people to do what they are passionate about with the freedom of supporting them along the way.

I am passionate about seeing students learn outside the conventional four walls of the classroom. Whether this is in the Year 9 Program or immersed in another culture on a Missions trip. Having the ability to engage with students on this level allows them to experience learning in such a unique and meaningful way. I love that in these moments I have seen lives changed and impacted that only these opportunities can bring. It's always a privilege being able to walk alongside students during these times and to challenge them as they are confronted by what is ahead.

Lance Davidson

Deputy Principal

I love that our school is set in beautiful surroundings and provides a welcome environment for both young and old. Students thrive here because they are encouraged to discover their God-given gifts and to pursue this in a supportive and caring environment.

I am passionate about seeing young people enjoying life, and being able to share the joys and the challenges that come their way from day to day. I love helping students find purpose. I also appreciate that I get to lead staff who are dedicated and love what they do, and also be a part of helping them find new and exciting ways to engage students.

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