Our People

A Caring community

While we are blessed with great facilities and exciting programs, it is the people of BHCS who make the school an inviting place to be. Relationship is at the core of every student’s learning journey - relationship with teachers, staff, their peers and the extended BHCS community.

Liz Miko

Finance and HR Manager

I love that through all of the changes and growth that have taken place over the years, the culture and sense of community remain the same.

The School is nestled in such a beautiful location. Add to that lovely facilities and a fantastic and committed staff, it makes this a nurturing environment for our students.

I love working in a great team with colleagues who are also friends.  There is always something new happening, be that a new building project, new students or new administration system. It means we are always learning and growing as a School and as individuals.

Caroline Chudasko

Office Manager

What do I love about BHCS?  I love the environment - not only the beautiful grounds of our school where the physical surroundings are a major teaching component, but the learning atmosphere too.  Working within the school, and sending my children here too where Christ is honoured, taught and embodied by the staff, is a central focus area for our family and something that we truly value about BHCS.

I love working with my colleagues who are dedicated, focused, experienced and know how to have a laugh!  BHCS knows how to run a professional school environment – but a standout factor about our school is that we know how to have fun!

Tim and Amanda Wight


Over the past 12 years we have seen Belgrave Heights Christian School develop into the truly magnificent school it is today. Set on beautiful and peaceful grounds, the school provides a unique learning environment. The open spaces and fresh air have encouraged many a maths class into the outdoors.

The core of our school is rock solid, grounded deep in a love and faith in God. From the leadership to the teaching staff, and supported by the school council, there is an unwavering commitment and dedication to the education and welfare of the students.

The result is a school on a hill, shining bright in the community of Belgrave Heights.


Past Student

The culture at Belgrave Heights Christian School is supportive, loving and caring for everyone. Being nourished by teachers, students and all members of the school community allows for not only academic success, but for students to flourish both socially, emotionally and in all aspects of their life. Support is available to anyone who needs it, and having someone to listen who is non-judgemental allows for personal growth. 

I love attending a school that is Kindergarten to Year 12 because it allows for us to get involved with members of all ages of the school community! I love this as it gives us an opportunity to be role models to those in younger year levels, and offer them support whenever they need it.

Mark Punnett

Property and Facility Manager

What makes this school so unique is the people that work here. BHCS has a Principal that helps in the garden and also teaches in the classroom, which makes him in touch at the ground level. Staff have the freedom to come up with ideas, discuss and put these ideas into place and this flows from the teachers to the students; creating a great community of learning. (I have sat in the back of class while fixing a door lock or light, listening to the teachers, and I get sucked into their learning environment wanting to know more!)

My passion at BHCS is improving our preventive maintenance schedules and trying to reduce rubbish and improve our recycling in this beautiful green valley with our creek and the platypus that live there.

Ivan Seskis

Head of Senior School

I love working in a supportive place where teachers, learning assistants, administration and maintenance all strive to make BHCS a great place to be educated and to work. It is a relational school where we want people to feel welcome. There is a willingness to try new things, to engage students with their learning, to have fun. 

I am passionate about helping students enjoy their schooling experience. Yes, even their Maths classes! Even though students may find that school work is hard, it is worth the effort. I love helping them understand difficult concepts and seeing them smile and laugh when they finally understand it. I enjoy helping them achieve what they set out to do and to have fun while they are doing it.

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