Our People

A Caring community

While we are blessed with great facilities and exciting programs, it is the people of BHCS who make the school an inviting place to be. Relationship is at the core of every student’s learning journey - relationship with teachers, staff, their peers and the extended BHCS community.

Mark Punnett

Property and Facility Manager

What makes this school so unique is the people that work here. BHCS has a Principal that helps in the garden and also teaches in the classroom, which makes him in touch at the ground level. Staff have the freedom to come up with ideas, discuss and put these ideas into place and this flows from the teachers to the students; creating a great community of learning. (I have sat in the back of class while fixing a door lock or light, listening to the teachers, and I get sucked into their learning environment wanting to know more!)

My passion at BHCS is improving our preventive maintenance schedules and trying to reduce rubbish and improve our recycling in this beautiful green valley with our creek and the platypus that live there.

Ivan Seskis

Head of Senior School

I love working in a supportive place where teachers, learning assistants, administration and maintenance all strive to make BHCS a great place to be educated and to work. It is a relational school where we want people to feel welcome. There is a willingness to try new things, to engage students with their learning, to have fun. 

I am passionate about helping students enjoy their schooling experience. Yes, even their Maths classes! Even though students may find that school work is hard, it is worth the effort. I love helping them understand difficult concepts and seeing them smile and laugh when they finally understand it. I enjoy helping them achieve what they set out to do and to have fun while they are doing it.

Michelle Visser

Pathways Coordinator

There are so many things about BHCS that make it a special place to work and learn. One of these things is the respect amongst staff members. This makes us all valuable, cutting through the typical hierarchy that exists in most workplaces and filtering down to the students. BHCS feels much more of a community than a school or place in which to work. I love it.

In both my roles I have the privilege of working with students to bring about hope for the future. The team I work with are all here because they want to make a difference in a child’s life. Their dedication is an encouragement to me to serve and keep humble as do my colleagues.

Leah Nicholls

Senior School & Drama Teacher

BHCS is a place where students can thrive because they are known. 
While it might seem like a simple concept, it is a powerful one. There is a strong focus on community and a part of that means that the students are known by their teachers - more than just names, the staff here know and care about each student and we share a desire to push them and to help them flourish. 

I love that I get to work closely with teachers who share a passion to teach well and to engage students in learning that transcends the classroom. I love that Jesus is central to all we do and that His teachings on justice, love and grace are reflected in our classroom teaching and practice.


Past Student

The uniqueness of Belgrave Heights Christian School is contrived from the various different areas and environments within the school, distinguishing it from other schools. These regions include Middle Earth, the Junior School section, the garden, the VCE area, and the stunning natural surrounding environment. 
What I love most about Belgrave Heights is the immense level of care teachers and staff have for students around the school. Teachers will always have time for you and consistently offer support and resources to assist your learning. 

Georgie Armstrong

Year 10 Team Leader

What I love about the school is the ability to have freedom, within reason, to implement ideas and programs that help to ‘grow’ our students. Management have faith in their team of educators to make informed decisions to try new things that will benefit the student body. They literally have a growth mindset and a trusting heart to see programs flourish, ultimately, adding value to the students’ life at the school.

I love to see the students fostering a belief in themselves, and others, as they try new things.

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