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Welcome to Belgrave Heights Christian School!

Having come from a long background in Education (around forty-five years), my eighteen years here as Principal have been part of a grand life adventure. Teaching is a great passion and I love that I get to go to work every day in the vibrant, vivid hills of Belgrave Heights.

You never quite know where the journey will take you and mine has had some unexpected turns - whether 20 meters up a giant pine tree, walking 50km through the Dandenongs or painting walls in the Technology Wing - I relish every opportunity to work with the amazing people that make up BHCS.

I'm a big believer in the power of stories. A story well-told can be the most powerful teaching tool - penetrating deep within our memories, carrying layers of meaning that can percolate through our brains over time, offering wisdom and insight to those who pay attention.

BHCS is the only school I know of that was started by a few mothers. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing and there was a time when it all almost ground to a halt, but today we celebrate the story of our rising from the ashes - even banding together to write a book about it called ‘Heights of Hope’.

Today we are a thriving school community. Just take a stroll through the stunning grounds and you will witness the deep threads that bind us all together. Take a seat in the Treetops Cafe and watch the buzz of life unfurl around you. Our story is continuing in the little moments every day and we warmly welcome new families to join in the experience.

Education is about so much more than learning. As an open enrolment school, we prize authenticity and the sharing of stories. Our foundational values come from our faith in a Living God who encourages us to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly in all areas of life and learning.

We also believe that the most important aspect of any community is the quality of relationships. In our school the staff team are hand-picked to promote the best possible relationships with students and other members of the community.  Good learning flourishes where healthy relationships of mutual respect and dignity enable students to feel safe, valued and are encouraged to be their best.

At BHCS we take the time to celebrate each other, tell the stories that matter and encourage everyone to be a part of something wonderful.

We'd love you to join us!

Mr Andy Callow

Our Past

Belgrave Heights Christian School grew out of the vision and prayers of parents looking for a local Christian School back as early as 1978.

Through these prayers and the hard work of Lynette Thompson, Jenny McCallam and Isabel Bell, Belgrave Heights Christian School became more than just a vision.

The work of commencing the school was a true community effort, with many individuals committing their time and resources.

In 2016, the school published Heights of Hope, a collection of short stories and a documentary detailing the school’s story up until the present day.

Since 2018, the school has published a new Strategic Vision each year, adapting the vision annually to ensure the best possible learning outcomes for our students. To see our collection of Strategic Vision Videos, click here.

Click here to view the feature length documentary.


The school officially began in 1983 as a Primary School. In 2002, the School began its journey into becoming both a Primary and Secondary School progressively adding secondary year levels over time.

In 2013, the Kindergarten was opened providing a purpose-built facility. What was once a ‘secret’ in the hills became something families sought after. 

Enrolment numbers continued to grow and this growth saw the development of our first architecturally designed buildings including outstanding classroom facilities.

Extensive landscaping completes all these facilities, making the most of the beautiful natural surrounds. 


Belgrave Heights Christian School Total Enrolments

Our Present

Belgrave Heights Christian School is a thriving and vibrant co-educational K-12 school of over 750 students. Situated on the edge of the Dandenong Ranges, approximately 50 km south-east of Melbourne, the school consists of an Early Learning Centre (3 and 4 year olds), Junior School (Prep to Year 4), Middle School (Year 5 to 8) and Senior School (Year 9 to 12).

The school offers a broad and challenging range of educational pathways and a wide variety of co-curricular choices for students.

The school is part of Christian Schools Australia and is committed to the holistic development of every student in a Christ-centred environment.

Our Future

We believe that Belgrave Heights Christian School has a very exciting future!

We have amazing parents committed to our vision for the future, passionate and inspired staff committed to serving our students, and phenomenal students who are committed to learning and growing everyday. 

These students are the reason why we exist. We want to continue to build, design, and create a school where their life-stories can emerge and their strengths can develop, that their lives might be transformed and that they might discover their own ways to serve others.

In 2019 we put out a 'Call to Adventure'. In 2020 we placed a focus on the transformative journey of our students, encompassed by the theme ‘The Courage to Grow’. In 2021 we are calling on students to find 'The Strength to Endure' as we navigate an unpredictable year while also allowing adversity to refine us.  We are designing the future of our school by focusing on the holistic development of our students: their thinking, their emotions, and their actions. This intellectual, moral and spiritual transformation lies at the heart of the Christian faith and forms the foundation of all that we do. It is an exciting time to be part of the Belgrave Heights Christian School journey!



The future is yet to be written. Our story is not complete. We invite you to join with us in shaping the future of our school and the lives of our students who call our school their own. 

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