Our Strengths

Our Vision

Knowing Christ | Inspiring Learners | Transforming Lives  

Our vision is to facilitate excellent education in a Christ-centred environment where the lives of our students are transformed. Our desire is to see every student thriving and doing their personal best in their intellectual, moral, and spiritual development within the context of their education.

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Our Purpose

Throughout their educational journey, we desire to see students develop a love for learning and a sense of belonging, allowing them to grow and thrive. Nurturing the development of faith through the Christian story, community, and character, we aim to inspire students to become individuals who use their unique talents to serve others and positively influence the world.

Our Ethos

Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly with our God - Micah 6:8.

These Christian virtues are cultivated in partnership between the student, the family and the school.

Our Distinctives


We create safe spaces of belonging, and connection, where every person can experience authentic community.


We strive for every student and staff member to be engaged and motivated to do their best.


We aim to preserve, recycle, and restore by being faithful stewards of our environment.


We pioneer ideas and embrace challenges by exploring new possibilities.


We desire to see students’ faith grow and flourish throughout their educational journey and beyond.

Our Values


Love is the motivating force behind all that we do.


Jesus came to serve, so we serve others.


We value generosity as a way of reflecting God’s unconditional love towards us.


We persevere to see things through to completion even when things are difficult.


We seek to express thankfulness for all the good things that God continues to generously give us.

Learning and Wellbeing

Stories and Strengths

Our vision is to see the life stories of our students transformed. We take a holistic approach to student development where learning and wellbeing are interconnected. As students learn and have positive experiences they foster the kinds of strengths that they need to flourish and as their sense of wellbeing increases their capacity to learn grows.

Our students are encouraged to develop their character strengths and to tell their own unique life-story. Students are immersed in a range of age-specific learning experiences that aim to develop the strengths of the head, heart and hands, so that students learn how to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly (Micah 6:8). These strengths then enable students to tackle the ups and downs of life and to shape their own life in such a way that enables them to serve others and the world in their own unique way.

Our teachers are passionate and love their students. They are learning designers, community facilitators, coaches and role-models who want the best for their learning communities. As a school, we aim to utilise the latest research to inform our teaching and learning strategies. We readily adopt innovative and exciting ways of teaching, embracing the effective use of technology and seeking to foster a love of learning right across the school.

Our Kindergarten

Our Early Learning Centre consists of three and four Year Old Kinder programs that position play-based learning at the heart.

Our passionate and caring teachers encourage the natural curiosity and creativity already present in each child, supporting them to develop their ideas and understanding about the world.

Using a nature based program and real life tasks - such as cooking, washing and gardening - empowers students to take ownership of their learning and the learning environment.

Bush Kinder is an integral part of the Kinder program and connects children to nature, fostering joy, open ended thinking and promoting love and wonder for our environment.

The Kinder students also participate in French, Music, Science (Four Year Old Kinder) and Library (Three Year Old Kinder). Our children learn in a safe and caring environment, providing the perfect bridge and relational connections to the Primary School right next door.


Our Primary School

Our Primary School consists of our Prep to Year 6 classes.

Our students are encouraged to actively explore and investigate throughout all of their learning experiences.

Our range of education initiatives provide a sound foundation across a range of academic subjects. We understand that young children learn best when they are highly engaged and remain motivated.

Teaching is approached using a variety of instructional practices geared to moving students progressively towards a stronger understanding of and, ultimately, a greater independence in, their learning process.

Our ‘special fit’ learning spaces facilitate hands-on learning and our friendly and safe learning environment helps to keep imaginations active and ensure that social skills are developed.

Outside areas provide students a range of opportunities for play, including an epic pirate playground, cubbies, a bountiful vegetable garden and ‘Cluckingham Palace’ (the royal residence of our beloved chickens).

Primary School seeks to nurture students in their learning experiences, while preparing them for the next step in their learning journey - Middle School.

Junior School


Our Middle School

Our Middle School consists of our Year 7 to Year 9 classes.

During this stage of development students experience a variety of changes and a sense of togetherness and belonging is so important. We work with parents to help our students navigate this phase of adolescence as well as ensuring that they are nurtured, challenged and inspired. 

Our students spend a majority of time with one teacher, allowing greater knowledge of the student and improved pastoral care. Alongside the core curriculum students participate in a unique variety of subjects such as Wood Tech, Art, Food Tech, Media, Environmental Studies as well as other passion-based projects.

Our Middle School learning spaces are designed to be innovative and flexible with creative and engaging outside areas including a giant chessboard, concrete table tennis table, a six metre high climbing web and a rock amphitheatre.

Various events run throughout the year to unite year levels including house competitions, activities, assemblies and exciting camps.

We run an Instrumental Program (Year 7) and the PUSH Program (Year 8) which focus on furthering academic engagement through musical and physical challenges.

Our Year 9 Program combines fresh, vibrant experiences (such as community service and city and surf camps) with a rigorous academic program.

Middle School is focused on building resilience in students as they progress through the years, while preparing them academically for Senior School.

Middle School



Our Senior School

Senior School consists of our Year 10 to Year 12 classes.

In Year 10, students can select from a wide range of electives and can choose to accelerate into a VCE subject.

In Year 10, the focus is on pathways, with an emphasis on future careers and work experience, where students begin to explore and choose from a range of options available to them in their final years of school.

Years 11 and 12 see students provided with tailored pathways, with transition into VCE or VCE-VM. We offer a wide range of subjects that cater to the diverse needs of students and ensure that students are well positioned to pursue their desired career avenues.

The final years of Senior School provide students with further options to study various VCE VET subjects or commence a University subject through Higher Education Learning.

The purpose-built VCE/VCE-VM Centre is a hive of activity for senior students and each student’s learning journey culminates in a series of mountain top experiences - launching them out into the future.


Senior School



Our Facilities

Belgrave Heights Christian School has been purpose-built to optimise student learning with innovative learning spaces designed to prepare students for the 21st Century. Explore our facilities on this interactive map.

Our Primary School

Our Primary School consists of our Prep to Year 6 classes.

Our students are encouraged to actively explore and investigate throughout all of their learning experiences.

Our Junior School - Image 1
Our Junior School - Image 2
Our Junior School - Image 3
Our Junior School - Image 4

Our Middle School (7-9)

Middle School includes Years 7 - 9. Students enjoy elective tasters that progress into choices as they move up through the years. Middle School classrooms are designed as flexible learning spaces to accommodate combined classes, collaborative and individual work. 

Our Middle School - Image 1
Our Middle School - Image 2
Our Middle School - Image 3
Our Middle School - Image 4

Our Kindergarten (3 & 4 Year Old)

Our Early Learning Centre consists of Three and Four Year Old Kinder programs that focus on play-based learning, in natural and modern innovative facilities.

Our Kindergarten - Image 1
Our Kindergarten - Image 2
Our Kindergarten - Image 3
Our Kindergarten - Image 4

Our Senior School (10-12)

This hub of classrooms houses our students from Years 10-12 and includes access to all specialist facilities. Including a purpose-built VCE/VCAL Centre, our students socialise and study together, enjoying their own kitchenette and receiving priority access to Senior staff.

Our Senior School - Image 1
Our Senior School - Image 2
Our Senior School - Image 3
Our Senior School - Image 4

Our Environmental Program

With an emphasis on sustainability, we offer interactive opportunities for students to ‘learn in nature’. We treasure our stunning location and take pride in cultivating it - with tree-planting days, a veggie garden, wetlands, a chicken coop and a dedicated environmental learning space affectionately known as ‘The Burrow’.

Our Environmental Program - Image 1
Our Environmental Program - Image 2
Our Environmental Program - Image 3
Our Environmental Program - Image 4

Our Discovery Centre

Our Discovery Centre (the DC) is a space for all students to enjoy on a variety of levels. The main focus of the DC is the library, with a visually-pleasing bookshop style layout that entices students into picking up a book. The DC also contains a theatre, classrooms, a Maker Space (including access to robotics), Careers Department and more. It is a welcoming and dynamic hub in which one can often see students curled up with a book, challenging each other to a chess game or exploring virtual worlds in our VR space.

Our Discovery Centre - Image 1
Our Discovery Centre - Image 2
Our Discovery Centre - Image 3
Our Discovery Centre - Image 4

Art and Technology

Our Art subjects provide students with an opportunity to explore their creative side, using a variety of mediums. Our Technology programs enable students to learn crucial hands-on skills, such as woodwork and automotive repair and maintenance.

Art & Technology - Image 1
Art & Technology - Image 2
Art & Technology - Image 3
Art & Technology - Image 4

Our Gym

Also known as the Multi-Purpose Hall, our Gym facilitates everything from Assemblies to Aerobics. Featuring a basketball court, stage, and fully equipped workout room, the Multi-Purpose Hall is a flexible space to facilitate the physical wellbeing of our students.

Our Gym - Image 1
Our Gym - Image 2
Our Gym- Image 3
Our Gym - Image 4

Our Trade Training Centre

Our Hospitality Trade Training Centre consists of a 16 bay Commercial Kitchen and a 120 seat restaurant. Our commercial kitchen and facilities are of industry standard, providing an excellent grounding for students who wish to pursue a career in the Hospitality Industry. 

Our Trade Training Centre - Image 1
Our Trade Training Centre - Image 2
Our Trade Training Centre- Image 3
Our Trade Training Centre - Image 4

Our Science Centre

Our Science Centre caters for Year 7 to 12 students, with three Science Labs and multiple classes including Core Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students are encouraged to experiment and be curious, and discover new things about the world around them.

Our Science Centre - Image 1
Our Science Centre - Image 2
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