Kinder (3 & 4 Year Old)

Play-based learning provides children with opportunities to experiment with the different roles of identity, negotiate, take risks, explore, and create meaning to their world.

Our Early Learning Centre offers programs for three and four-year-olds, centering on play-based learning. Our dedicated teachers foster each child’s natural curiosity and creativity, aiding their understanding of the world. The curriculum includes nature-based activities and practical tasks like cooking and gardening, promoting active engagement and ownership of their learning.

Our fully qualified ELC Teachers and Co-educators support the children as they solve problems with their own ideas, extend their interests through play-based activities, and provide a safe and caring environment for children to explore. The BHCS Kinder Program offers flexible indoor-outdoor sessions which enable children to learn through play, in the environment that best suits them. We use structured times together to form routines and rhythms, such as group time, songs, and games, which provide security and predictability that strengthen children’s social and emotional development.


Bush Kinder

Bush Kinder is an integral part of the four year old Kinder Program. It offers children opportunities to connect with nature, wonder at God’s creations, and promote a protective attitude towards nature and the environment. Playing outside enables children to experience the changing seasons, and helps them to develop an understanding of the rhythm of the year; and connect the year to Christian teachings and God.

Specialist Subjects

Activities experienced throughout the year may include French, Music, Science and Library with teachers from within the school. Specialist activities enable the Kinder children to interact with school children and teachers, as well as become more comfortable within the School Grounds and facilities.

Please download our Program Information Booklet and Kinder Parent Handbook for more information.

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