Years 7-12

Our students graduate with a sense of purpose and confidence ready to make their contribution to the world.

Throughout their time at BHCS, there is an emphasis on the care of the student as a whole person. We have a desire to see students develop a love of learning while developing their faith through the Christian story, community and character. 

Our vision is to see excellent education in a Christ-centred environment, where the lives of our students are transformed. We believe this transformation takes place through students understanding their value in God, by helping them to achieve success while developing their self-esteem. The curriculum encourages academic excellence by encouraging students to be independent thinkers and inspiring them to become creative problem solvers and life-long learners.


Year 7 - 9

Years 7 to 9, focuses on guiding students through adolescence with an emphasis on nurturing, challenge, and inspiration. Students engage with a variety of subjects, including specialised ones like Wood Tech, Art, Food Tech, Media, Environmental Studies as well as other passion-based projects. Students spend a significant amount of time with a single teacher for better understanding and care.

The learning environment is both innovative and flexible, with unique outdoor areas. Programs like Instrumental (Year 7) and PUSH (Year 8) enhance engagement, and Year 9 offers diverse experiences alongside academic rigour, all aimed at building resilience and preparing them for Secondary School.

More information is available in our year-level handbooks.

Year 10 - 12

Year 10 offers students a broad selection of electives, including the option to begin VCE subjects early, with a strong focus on career pathways and work experience.

Years 11 and 12, students transition into personalised pathways in VCE or VCE VM, with a wide array of subjects to meet diverse interests and career goals. The latter part of Secondary School allows for further exploration of VCE VET subjects or the initiation of university-level studies.

The Senior Learning Centre, is central to these years, providing a dynamic environment that culminates in transformative experiences for students as they prepare for their future. 

More information is available in our year-level handbooks.

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