Prep - Year 6

Primary School seeks to nurture students in their learning experiences, while preparing them for the next step in their learning journey into Secondary School.

In our Primary School, covering Prep to Year 6, students are inspired to actively engage in their learning experiences across various academic subjects. We utilise diverse learning methods to enhance students’ understanding and foster independent learning.

Our unique learning spaces encourage hands-on activities, and our nurturing environment stimulates imagination and social skill development. The outdoor areas, featuring a pirate playground, cubbies, a vegetable garden, and ‘Cluckingham Palace’ for our chickens, provide diverse play opportunities for our younger students.

Our curriculum in upper years addresses the crucial developmental phases, specifically tailored to meet the social, emotional, and educational requirements of pre-adolescents. The goal is to enrich students’ learning while smoothly transitioning them to Secondary School.




The primary curriculum at Belgrave Heights Christian School is comprehensive and nurturing, designed to foster academic and personal growth within a Christian framework. It emphasises developing fundamental skills in literacy and numeracy, enriched by a variety of subjects including science, art, and physical education. The curriculum is tailored to encourage curiosity, critical thinking, and a love for learning, set within the school’s supportive and engaging environment.

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